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Outside of its symbolic purposes, a wedding dress is supposed to make you look wonderful. It’s the attire that helps make you the centre of attention and picking the most ideal wedding dress goes without saying. Some brides make compromises on the comfort of their wedding dresses because they look appealing, but this should not be the case. You can overcome the need to do so by getting a wedding dress that was tailored for your kind of body.

example of a Latex Wedding dress

The hourglass shape, which is arguably the most coveted of the female body shapes, is easy to dress, so long as you have an idea of what you are supposed to do. Any dress that accentuates the curves of this kind of body is considered to be good enough. Most notable, the A-line wedding dress is perfectly suited for an hourglass bride. As a general rule, anything that accentuates the waist is a safe bet.

As far as a pear shape goes (narrow shoulders but with full hips), a good wedding dress would be one that takes attention away from the wide hips, and creates an illusion of modestly broader shoulders. A dress with a wider neckline is ideal for creating said illusion. An A-line princess dress or an empire dress is good for a pear-shaped bride. A mermaid dress on the other hand, emphasizes on the hips and is not the first choice for this kind of shape.

For a pear shape (broader shoulders, narrower hips), the gown should be successful in hiding the broader shoulders, and should help create a thinner

waist. Anything that accentuates the shoulders is a no-no, and that implies you should stay away from shoulder style bodices. An empire waist wedding dress is the ideal gown for this body type.

For brides with a small petite body, the goal is to choose a wedding dress that draws attention from the short stature. Putting on a big wedding dress will make you seem even smaller, so refrain from gowns that have too much fluff. On a related note, ball gowns are a little overwhelming to this type of body, and have an antagonistic effect. Anything with many contours is discouraged. An A-line dress will work well, or any silhouette so long as it’s not too rich in embellishments. A sheath dress works just fine too.

Bride before her wedding in Hawaii

If on the other hand you have a full figure, you will want something that conceals the few inches on your waistline that you are not proud of. A ball gown does this with a near magical effect. An A-line dress is deal for this kind of shape as well. Gowns with spaghetti straps are discouraged.


Tall brides usually have more freedom when looking for a complementary wedding dress. Ball gown dresses are not suitable for them, but most others are, including most silhouettes. The importance of finding the right wedding gown for your kind of body cannot be understated so go with your wedding theme idea and match it with the curves of your body, as it’s what will make you look unbelievably stunning on your big day.

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